Password Tester You can use this to test how secure a password is, and get feedback as to weather it's been seen in known breaches.
Port Checker You can use this to check if a port is open on a specific IP/domain.
Password Generator You can use this to generate a secure password.
Gamepad Tester Use this to test if the keys are working correctly on your game controller.
Keyboard Tester Use this to test all the keys on your keyboard are working as they should.
Day's until You can use this to get the amount of days leading upto an event.
Calculator Help with your sums
Alarm Clock You can use this to set an alarm to wake you up, or just use it as a clock
Ad Test Check if your ad-blocker is working.
DVLA Reg Lookup Search the DVLA database for vehicle details
Fortnite Search the Fortnite cosmetics, check the item shop, view player stats etc
Random User Need some random userdata for your project? get it here.
GIPHY GIFS Need to search for some gifs? we got you!.
Game Search Search the FreeToGame API to find some games to play.
Yes/No Leave all your decision making to us.
No more :( We do not have anything for this button...yet!