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Welcome to mark-wesley.co.uk the website, here you will find links and information about me and the services that I have online, You will also find abit of information about me and probably some other useless things that I doubt will interest you but they are here anyway.

Random Fact: The Spring peeper (a frog) can survive the winter season with 65% of its body water as ice


My name is Mark and I enjoy doing many things on the computer, I have been told that I am a very technical person and know about things that are teccy (This includes but is not limited to the computing side of things as I've many computing qualifications) I enjoy watching films and listening to music, talking to my friends on messenger and doing normal things that people do :P .

Some of my favourite films are The punisher, Full metal jacket, War, Hitman, Red Scorpian and general action films like them.

Music wise I pretty much listen to anything I have a collection of music on a network drive at home.

Generally I repair computer systems for people this varies from business owners to taxi drivers etc and I also repair them for friends/family if they need doing..

I also enjoy bike riding and watching quiz shows on the television and doing little online projects etc etc..