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Welcome to mark-wesley.co.uk the website, here you will find links and information about me and the services that I have online. You will also find abit of information about me and probably some other useless things that I doubt will interest you but they are here anyway.

Random Fact: A dentist from Buffalo New York named Alfred P. Southwick invented the electric chair.


My name is Mark, I like playing with technical things and enjoy experimenting with code - I like to find a way to do things that people say are not possible - I also like to spend time with my partner and children and our cat. I also dabble in the world of home automation which is very interesting, also I have a keen interest in electrical engineering.

Some of my favourite films are The punisher, John Wick, Kingsman, Full metal jacket, War, Hitman, Red Scorpian and general action films like them.

Music wise I pretty much listen to anything I have a collection of music on a network drive at home.

Generally I repair computer systems for people this varies from business owners to taxi drivers etc and I also repair them for friends/family if they need doing. I also play games on the Xbox and like to gain achievements.

I also enjoy bike riding and watching quiz shows on the television and doing little online projects etc etc..