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We are on day 201 of 365. | My firstborn is 4 years, 9 months,1 weeks,5 days, 2 hours, 24 minutes,and 26 seconds old, and my secondborn is 3 weeks,5 days, 7 hours, and 26 seconds old at the time of loading this page.


Below is a short list of the things I will/won't do.

What I'll do.

If you need help with anything, I will do my best to assist you in anyway I can, this may include me pointing you in the right direction or telling you what I think about a certain situation

Should you need certain information feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help.

Before you ask, no I will not attempt to gain access to someone elses property upon your request this is both illegal and disrespectful, although there may be a way to gain access its not my place to tell you how to go about this so please do not ask. Google on the other hand might know ;)

I heard you design images.
Yes, whilst I do design some images I am not the best designer out there nor the worst, I will try to fill your request as best I can but I cannot promise that it will be done to a deadline, If you want an image making I would suggest you use the contact form.