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DylRicho - Technology News & Updates. [Visit Site]

DylRicho is a Technology based website that has all the latest information about upcoming products in the technology market, it also has useful tools that you can use to mke your life eaisier on the web - there is an extensive list of mobile phone specifications so you can fine out the specs of your phone and if your phone is not there you can contact the webmaster and he will do his best to get the device added.

Hogwarts Library - Harry Potter Based RP Site. [Visit Site]

Hogwarts Library is an RP site based in the world of Harry Potter. Dumbledore is still Headmaster, Snape still the snarky Potions Master, and the students are trying to live their lives away from a war-torn world. On 18th July, our annual Holiday in Ibiza will begin. Join the masses as they kick back in the luxurious villa, build sandcastles on the beach, browse the beautiful Shopping Arcadia of San Antonio and (of course) hit up our exclusive nightclub, Chase's Place, which will once again be taking up residency in the party heartland of the world! Needless to say, with parties late into the night and sun, sea, and beautiful people all through the day, it's going to be the best summer ever.

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